Supported Apartment

For up to 6 young men ages 16 - 22 who no longer need the full services of a group home, are not ready to be fully independent, and have no family with whom they can live.

Located in the same building as our group home, our Supported Apartment houses up to 6 young men. Referrals to this program come through the Department of Children and Families (formerly DSS) and occasionally the Department of Mental Health. While living in the apartment, youth:

  • Attend school and/or participate in a vocational opportunity

  • Are responsible for their own cooking, cleaning and laundry with staff support

  • Participate in grocery shopping

  • Learn how to use public transportation

  • Engage in the development of their own youth-guided clinical treatment plans

In addition, young men living in the Supported Apartment can participate in Plummer Home's Permanency, Preparedness, and Recreational Programming.

Smoking is not allowed at Plummer Home.