Children need so much more than food and shelter to grow up into healthy adults able to live on their own. Among other things, they need opportunities for unstructured fun. And they need the option of participating in activities similar to those of their peers.

Plummer Home provides a variety of recreational opportunities available to typical American teens, most of which require community and peer interaction. Activities at any given time are determined by the interests of the youth. So for example, at our Group Home, if someone is interested in the theater, we try to get tickets. If someone wants to play baseball, we search for a league, pay the requisite fees and get the appropriate equipment.

Among the other things we provide access to are:

  • Summer camps and sport camps, including necessary equipment, uniforms and registration fees

  • School and intramural sports; proms; school outings and clubs

  • Outings to amusement parks, beaches and other sites typically enjoyed by teenagers

  • An annual 4-day out-of-state camping trip for all of the residents, most of whom have never slept in a tent or cooked outside, and many of whom have never left the state

  • Skiing and snowboarding trips

  • Attendance at theater performances