Community Apartments (PYRAMID)

For young men and women 18-22, who turned 18 while in the child welfare system (in foster care, a group home or some other type of state-supported residence).

PYRAMID helps young men and women referred by the Department of Children and Families (formerly DSS) take their first steps toward true independence. We help teens locate their first apartment, co-sign their lease, pay all relevant deposits and purchase furniture. Youth in PYRAMID apartments:

  • Attend college or participate in a vocational opportunity

  • Pay monthly rent to Plummer Home (rent payment may start as a partial payment and gradually work up to full payment depending on the circumstances.)

  • Engage in the development of their own youth-guided clinical treatment plans

  • Meet with Plummer Home staff at least once a week

  • Grocery shop, cook and clean for themselves

When a youth is ready to discharge from Plummer Home's care, if the landlord is amenable, Plummer Home will sign the lease over to the youth and he/she may stay in the apartment and keep the furnishings. This avoids the sometimes insurmountable expense of putting a deposit on and furnishing a new apartment. Young adults in PYRAMID may also be eligible to participate in Plummer Home's Permanency, Preparedness, Music and Recreational programs.