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Citizen's for Juvenile Justice Annual Leadership Celebration

Youth from Plummer's On Point music program performed at the Citizen's for Juvenile Justice Annual Leadership Celebration in Boston on Thursday, November 10, 2016.

Salem Halloween Kick-Off Party!

Youth from the Plummer music program performed at the Halloween Kick-Off Party at the Essex Street Fountain Stage in Salem, MA on Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 2, 2016.

First Annual National Night Out

On Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016, youth from the music program at On Point performed an African Drumming Circle at the Salem Police's First National Night Out on the Salem Commons.

3rd Annual Paddle for Plummer

On Saturday, July 16th, 2016, Plummer Home held the 3rd Annual Paddle for Plummer, a unique stand-up paddleboarding fundraiser. Click here to see pictures from the day!

New Year's Eve Salem: LAUNCH!

Plummer Home and On Point youth rang in the New Year performing on Thursday, December 31st at the Old Town Hall in Salem. Click here for more information about the event.

Key of C Winter CD Release Party

On Sunday, December 6th, 2015, kids from the Plummer Home and On Point performed songs off our latest CD at Opus in Salem as part of our "Key of C" campaign to benefit our music program. Click here to see pictures from the event.

2nd Annual Paddle for Plummer

On Saturday, July 11th, 2015, Plummer Home held the 2nd Annual Paddle for Plummer, a unique stand-up paddleboarding fundraiser. Click here to see pictures from the day!

Summer Celebration

On Saturday, June 27th, 2015, Plummer Home hosted a special Summer Celebration dinner on our beautiful waterfront property, including house tours and guest speakers from our On Point, Foster Care and Residential programs. Stay tuned for a video of the program!

Children's Advocacy Day

Plummer Home and On Point kids performed 3 original songs at the State House in Boston for the Children's League of Massachusetts "Advocacy Day" on Tuesday, March 10th.

First Night in Salem

The Plummer Home/On Point Ensemble rang in the New Year with a musical performance at Old Town Hall in Salem on Wednesday, December 31, 2014.

Chronicle Films Plummer Home's Music Program

On December 8th, Chronicle on WCVB Channel 5 came to Plummer Home to film a segment about our music program. They interviewed James Lister (Executive Director), Aaron Z. Katz (Music Program Group Leader), and 2 Plummer Home youth. The segment aired twice on December 23rd and December 27th. Watch the episode here. 

House of the Seven Gables Holiday Performance

Plummer Home/On Point kids performed at the House of the Seven Gables on Saturday, December 6 as part of their Christmas festivities. 

Judge Amy Nechtem's Swearing In Ceremony Performance

Three Plummer Home musicians, including a current resident, a former resident and a youth from our On Point neighborhood program, performed their arrangement of "America the Beautiful" as the finale for the swearing in ceremony of the new Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Juvenile Court, Amy Nechtem at the John Adams Courthouse in Boston on Thursday, August 14.

Paddle for Plummer

Presented by SUP East Coast Style in collaboration with B&S Event Management, Paddle for Plummer on Sunday, July 13th was an exciting day of stand-up paddleboard events, SUP yoga, spinning, food and fun!

The Devil's Chase 6.66 Miler

On Saturday, October 26th, B&S Fitness hosted a Halloween-themed fundraiser The Devil's Chase with some of the event proceeds going to the Plummer Home.

Wicked 1/2 Marathon

On Saturday, September 21, B&S Fitness hosted the Wicked 1/2 Marathon with some of the event proceeds going to the Plummer Home!

Children's Advocacy Day Performance

Plummer Home musicians, as well as those from our On Point neighborhood program, performed at the State House for Children’s Advocacy Day on Tuesday, March 12.

Live Music

The Plummer Home music program performed on Thursday Oct 25th at the Salem Farmers' Market.

Thank You for Supporting the Plummer Home

On Saturday, September 22, B&S Fitness hosted the Wicked Half Marathon.  Thank you for supporting this great cause and running for the Plummer Home.

Plummer Home Boys Performed During the Salem Jazz and Soul Festival

Three boys from the Plummer Home performed at the Willows along with musical director, Aaron Katz, at 1:30 on Saturday, 8/18, at the Willows.  The boys participated in a Q & A session, and performed an original Plummer Home song.

Hyundai village facebook campaign for Plummer Home

The Plummer Home was chosen to receive donations from Hyundai Village's first Facebook campaign. For every new "like" that Hyundai received, they donated $2 to Plummer Home, with a limit of $1000.

Hip Hop Musician Michael Feingold Performed at the Plummer Home.

Michael Feingold a professional guitarist and producer who was on break from tour visited The Plummer Home for Boys along with the Dejas, a local Salem band. Mike started playing guitar at  age 12, and music became his focus.  On August 9th, Mike shared that focus with Plummer Home residents and On Point youth through his words and music.  Afterwards, the kids enjoyed jamming with Mike and members of the Dejas.

Plummer Home boys performed at Ham Jam in Marblehead

We hope you had a chance to see the Plummer Home boys perform an original song Saturday July 28th at Crocker Park in Marblehead for the Ham Jam Festival.  This event was organized by local high school students.  Their idea was “to promote wholesome student-run activities and also to raise money for charity."


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