Teens and young adults need parents, family and a network of committed adults.

Each year in MA, approximately 800 youth leave foster care without a permanent family. This is called aging out of care. Research in MA and around the country documents staggering negative outcomes for such youth. A study of Massachusetts youth who aged out of care in 2005 shows that:1

  • 37% experienced homelessness since turning 18

  • At the time they were surveyed, 54% were unemployed, and almost half of those employed were working 20 hours or less per week

  • 8% had been incarcerated in the previous 12 months

Plummer Home is working to change those outcomes by helping youth achieve permanency - safe, stable and lifelong family relationships. Read More

1The Boston Foundation. Preparing Our Kids for Education, Work and Life: A Report of the Task Force on Youth Aging Out of DSS Care. 2008.