The Plummer Home for Boys was founded in 1855 through the will of Caroline Plummer.

Caring for her siblings after her parents’ deaths, Ms. Plummer knew the many challenges facing children in her growing city.

Though Plummer Home’s services have changed during the last 160 years, we continue to act on the same principles that would have informed Ms. Plummer’s act of generosity:  that children need families, skills and community to become healthy adults. 

Below is a timeline with information we know and some (in italics) that we are assuming.  If you are a history buff looking for a volunteer project, we’d love your help filling in more details.

1855      Incorporation of the Plummer Farm School of Reform for Boys (up to 40 boys of all ages from wide variety of communities and circumstances; lived, worked, worshiped and attended school at Plummer Farm)

1938      Name changed to Plummer Farm School

1958      Name changed to The Plummer Home for Boys (perhaps at this time boys started attending public schools and the operation of the farm ceased)

2005      Serving up to 10 teenaged boys in a group home

2006      Added on-site Supported Apartment for up to 4 young men ages 16-22 who no longer qualify for the group home and who have no family with whom they can live.

2010      Formalized the Plummer Home Model of Care

         Permanency – youth need permanent families

         Preparedness – youth need skills

        Community – youth need to be connected to their community


2011     Opened On Point, a non-residential program serving boys and girls in Salem’s Point neighborhood who have had minor brushes with the law. 

2011     Started Community-Based Apartment Program for young men or women who turn 18 while in state care and have no family with whom they can live.

2012     Opened foster care program for boys and girls throughout Massachusetts.  The goal for every child is to find a permanent family.