Giving Time

Time is a precious commodity, and we are very grateful for inquiries about volunteering. A few things that factor into whether a particular volunteer project is appropriate for Plummer Home:

    • Age of the volunteers - it is very awkward for our youth when other youth come to volunteer, so we generally limit opportunities to adults. That said, we do occasionally use a single high school or college student for short term service projects. Generally these projects will focus on organizational needs rather than working with our residents.

    • Nature and duration of the project.

  • One time or occasional projects might include things like administrative help, light construction or property clean-up.

  • For people who want to make a consistent, longer term commitment, it may be possible to do something like cook or eat dinner with our youth on a regular basis.

  • For people interested in mentoring, we look for a very long term commitment to a particular child.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, contact Candice at