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Foster Care


“Kids need families to grow up. That’s just what they need.”
~Quote from a Plummer Foster youth.

In 2014, Plummer Foster Care turned way more than 200 kids because we don’t have enough foster families. You can help! If you’ve ever thought about fostering a child, call or email us and we’ll answer all your questions.

Call us at (978) 935-9555 or e-mail

What you do:
- Offer a safe, stable, loving home
- Provide patience, kindness and understanding
- Keep children connected to their families, communities, schools and social networks
- Call us anytime for support
- Strive to be the child’s last stop before they get to a permanent family

What we do:
- Provide training (Massachusetts Approach to Partnership in Parenting)
- Match you with a child
- Assign you a family resource who visits monthly
- Assign your foster child a social worker who visits weekly
- Provide you 24/7 hour support
- Offer monthly support groups
- Link you with an experienced foster parent mentor
- Pay you $56.59 per day
- Provide additional financial support for things like camps, tutoring or other needs

Myths About Who Can Foster
Steps to Becoming a Foster Parent
Upcoming Trainings and Info Sessions
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)