House of Seven Gables, a Community partner in our vocational program.

Our youth need to interact with their community. For some of them, this may be a new experience. Because they will need to be able to live in the community when they become adults, we do our best to help them to learn basic social and living skills that may not have been modeled for them by others.

Like kids in all families, each young person we serve has unique needs and skills. Some are able to interact with and maneuver around the community with ease. Others are painfully shy or suffer from extreme social anxiety. Still others are simply unable to function well during unstructured community interaction.

As much as possible, we find ways for our residents to interact with the community. We:

  • Help those who are ready find employment

  • Invite community to Plummer Home to garden, play basketball or cook dinners

  • Allow unstructured time in the community as is appropriate for each child

  • Perform music publicly