Jeff’s Success Story

truck driving“The reason I went was to better my life knowing I had limited time in the system. I wanted to make sure the chance I got wasn’t ruined. I was determined. I wanted to prove that hard work pays off.”

This is what 21-year-old Jeff had to say last month after graduating from a tractor trailer training school and passing his CDL license test.

Jeff first came to Plummer Home when he was 15, living in the Group Home and then transitioning to the on-site Supported Apartment. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in Cambridge and working full time as a cook, Jeff moved into his own apartment in Salem. Like many young adults his age trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives, Jeff switched career paths, completed school to become a truck driver and is currently in the Mid-west training for his new job.

Jeff overcame many obstacles to achieve his goals. Unlike the negative outcomes faced by many foster youth, Jeff was able to finish post-secondary education, secure a full time job and get his own apartment with the support and guidance from Plummer. We know he has a promising future ahead of him.

AM’s Success Story

familyImagine moving 19 times before your 18th birthday. Living with 19 different families or in group homes.

This was AM’s life before she entered Plummer Foster Care. She had no connections with her birth family and no committed adult in her life.

Plummer helped her reconnect with siblings and begin limited contact with her father. Although her father was unable to parent her due to personal issues, he still became a part of her life. We also helped her create a lifelong connection with her foster mother.

At age 20, when AM moved out of her foster home, she and her foster mother signed a pact to be in each other’s lives forever. For the first time in AM’s life, an adult promised to be there for her.

Like most 20 year olds who have left home, AM talks with her foster mother frequently, and always goes home for the holidays…

LF’s Success Story

music3“If there were no music program, I don’t know how I would have moved forward and developed myself. I really didn’t talk.”

That’s what former Plummer Home resident LF said to the Boston Globe.

LF came to Plummer Home when he was 15. He was shy, traumatized and unable to read. With Plummer’s care, treatment and tutoring, he graduated from high school and got a job at a local cycle shop. When he was 20, he moved into a Plummer Home apartment and we helped him find a full-time job as a mechanic. Today, at age 23, he lives in his own apartment and works full time. He plays music regularly, a passion he developed while living at Plummer. Helping kids in foster care gain skills they will need as adults is part of what we do at Plummer Home.