Board of Trustees

Paul Nightingale, Chair, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, HP Hood, LLC.

Kathleen Truscott, Vice-Chair

Kim Meader, Treasurer, Retired, formerly Executive Vice President, Salem Five Bank.

Marshall Strauss, Clerk, President and CEO, Human and Civil Rights Organizations of America.

Darren Ambler, Managing Director, Insight Insurance Agency, formerly Vice President, Group Products Director, Eastern Benefits Group.

Richard L. Cormier, Customer Service Engineer, Hosokawa Alpine American, Inc.; former Plummer Home resident.

David Guilbeault, Chief Financial Officer, Albany Auto Management, LLC; former Plummer Home resident.

Sarah M. Hayes, Retired, Retirement Analyst, City of Salem.

Holly Jannell, Plummer Home volunteer.

Stephen G. Manning, Retired, formerly Senior Finance and Operations Executive, Fidelity Investments.

Brendan R. Walsh, Ph.D., Educator; retired School Principal; member of Salem School Committee.

Kevin McCarthy, MBA candidate MIT Sloan School of Management and former Plummer mentor.

Erin Heiskell, Family Physician, Beacon Family Medicine.

Bob Wentworth, Retired, formerly Assistant Commissioner, Department of Children and Families, Commonwealth of Massachusetts